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Asphalt Contractor in Ridgway, PA

At The Driveway Company in Ridgway, PA, we provide superior residential and commercial sealcoating, residential paving, and asphalt repair services to the people of Elk County and surrounding areas. With over 30 years of experience as a licensed and certified asphalt contractor, we’re committed to delivering high-quality results to every client we serve.

Specializing in repair work and new installations alike, we have the skill and experience to handle jobs that are small and quick as well as jobs that are long and drawn-out. Whether you’re looking to repair a damaged driveway or patch a weathered parking-lot you can rely on our team to give you the look and functionality you deserve at prices you can feel great about.

We offer professional grade sealcoating and crack filling. This helps to protect your surfaces from water penetration, weathering, and chemical contact in areas, such as driveways and garages. It also makes an aged apshault surface look like new  again, while it continues to keep them durable and appealing for years. When an asphalt surface is not sealcoated regularly, the asphalt begins to deteriorate at a much faster rate. So keeping your asphalt well maintained will save you money in the long run. 

We provide hot tar crack filling for asphalt surfaces in order to prevent water from going into and damaging the asphalt as well as the base layer underneath the asphalt. If left untreated water will get into the base layer and erode or freeze causing the asphalt to swell and crack. Regular maintenance such as crack filling and sealcoating will keep your asphalt visually appealing while making it stronger so it lasts longer.   

When you need an asphalt contractor to help repair, restore, and preserve the asphalt surfaces around your home or business, turn to a team that is proven to provide lasting results that are both aesthetically pleasing and affordable. Contact our team to schedule your free no-obligation estimate. We look forward to breaking ground on your next project.

   Why sealcoat your asphalt?

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We use SealMaster #1 Airport Grade CoalTar Emulsion Pavement Sealer for superior adhesion and durability. Silica Sand added for extra durability and traction.

Line Painting 

We use SealMaster 100% Acrylic Emulsion Traffic Paint designed for bright durable trafficmarking; Relineing & New. Dries in 5 minutes. Stencils: HC and custom. Various colors available.

Hot Tar Crack Filling

We clean out and dry cracks then apply SealMaster CrackMaster Supreme Hot Melting Tar to fill the cracks. This prevents water from getting into the cracks and damaging the driveway.

Residential and Commercial Service

Get all your residential and commercial concrete work done by the same qualified company. Big or small, we have what it takes to meet every need.

Licensed and Insured

Our concrete and asphalt specialists are fully licensed and insured, allowing you to rest easy knowing your project is in good hands. 

Free No-Obligation Estimates

We offer no-obligation estimates to our customers prior to our services. You can count on our staff members to give all the costs up front to avoid hidden fees.

Our Services

Line Painting • Asphalt Repair • Commercial/Residential Sealcoating • Residential Paving 

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If you’re ready to increase your property’s curb appeal all while making its surrounding surfaces safer and well-protected, turn to our team at The Driveway Co. Call (814) 772-8706 to schedule your free no-obligation estimate. We look forward to speaking with you! 

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